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About Freedom Is A Choice
Mr. Omar Howard of Stone Mountain, GA the founder of Freedom is a Choice Inc.,  is a successful individual with an incarcerated history.  He uses his previous incarceration as a tool for counseling and mentoring at risk youth and troubled adults for makimg decisions that will impact the rest of their lives.

While in prison, Omar realized he had to make a drastic change in his life.  He then made the decision to join the Christian faith and change  the direction of his life.  While serving a 18 year sentence for multiple crimes, he joined the prison ministry choir, self help groups, and obtained his GED as well as several trades.  While incarcerated and because of  his positive institutional conduct, he was asked to join the mentoring program where he mentored juvenile that were incarcerated in Lee Arrendale State Prison also known as "Alto".  He also did motivational speaking  for the "Scared Straight " program where he spoke to students from various high schools. 

Several years later while at  the Atlanta Transitional Center (ATC)  he was asked to speak at the Clayton County Performing Arts Center,  as well as Clayton county high schools and middle schools students about making bad decisions.   Before leaving prison, Omar and a group of residence for the ATC traveled around  the state of Georgia to various churches and school functions to promote  Georgia Department of Corrections programs.  His successful transition from prison and the readjustment to society serves as a viable positive example to at risk  and troubled youth to choose freedom over incarceration. 

Freedom is a Choice,  

Committed to helping our youth achieve Greatness